Tierra Luna Engineering provides one week seminars by aerospace industry experts.  The following seminars are provided as a package or as needed by your organization.  TLE offers the following classes:  mission assurance, space systems project management, systems engineering for space applications, spacecraft engineering design, spacecraft communication system design and engineering, spacecraft integration and testing, ground system and mission operations best practices and failure analysis.  Please contact us for more information on how these seminars can be adapted to your organizational needs.

*Courtesy of NASA

Mission Assurance

  • Introduce the student to the foundational elements of Mission Assurance. 
  • Provide an overview of a systems approach to utilizing proven tools and methodologies to reduce risk and continuously improve.

Space Systems Project Management

  • Acquaint the student to the basic processes, tools, and information required to successfully lead the development of complex space-system design, development and operation.  Information is presented to help the aspiring or current project managers move to a higher level of understanding and performance.
  • The course is meant for practitioners as they work through projects.  Many space-related case studies, samples, and lessons learned will be used to supply student with historical insights to manage and guide current space systems.

Systems Engineering for Space Applications

  • Acquaint the student with the processes, approaches, tools and information for complex aerospace system design, development, and operation.  The course is geared to practitioners as they work through projects.
  • The course presents the "how-to" necessary to "systems engineer" complex aerospace related projects, along with information to help the aspiring or current systems engineer achieve a higher level of understanding and performance.

Spacecraft Engineering Design

  • Acquaint the student with the system elements and technologies required in space vehicle design.
  • Show how the design process is used iteratively develop a satellite and a flight plan to meet the mission requirements.

Spacecraft Communication Design & Engineering

  • Acquaint the student with basic elements of spacecraft communications.  Emphasis will be placed on hands on problem solving, design examples with students required to participate at individual and small group basis.

Spacecraft Integration and Testing

  • Acquaint the student with basic elements of spacecraft assembly, integration and testing (AIT).  AIT is the process in which subsystems are integrated together to for a system.  It is a documented, formal and sequential process of integrating and testing subsystems/components and the system to verify specifications and requirements are met.  
  • Show how the assembly, integration, and testing flows to deliver a spacecraft ready for launch integration and on orbit operations.

Ground System and Mission Operations Best Practices

  • Acquaint the student with the system design elements, technologies and best practices required in operating satellites and corresponding ground control centers.
  • Covers aspects of training flight control teams to ensure sustained mission success.

Failure Analysis

  • Acquaint the student with a very practical approach to failure analysis.  Designed for technicians and engineers interested in understanding how knowledge of failure analysis can lead to better productivity.


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